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Reach out to most Premium Households of Delhi NCR

South Delhi  | Gurgaon   | West Delhi  |  Faridabad |  Dwarka  |  Noida

Started in 2001 USEFUL NEWS OF THE WEEK is a four page glazed broadsheet neighborhood weekly  having 14 editions covering various parts of Delhi NCR & is patronized by leading advertisers across the industry. It is an ideal platform to reach to your target audience covering most affluent areas of Gurgaon, South Delhi, West Delhi, Dwarka, Faridabad & Noida.. Our publication gets distributed along with the mainline English dailies in the most affluent areas, the profile of our readers are comparable to the best of the profile that any English daily has as per the readership survey. Through our publication you can reach to 100% English reading households in the above mentioned areas at the most economical rates.
Lifestyle is the way a person lives. This includes patterns of social relations, consumption, entertainment, and dress. A lifestyle typically also reflects and individual’s attitudes, values or world view. Having a specific “lifestyle” means engaging in a characteristic bundle of behaviors that makes sense to both others and the self in different times and places. Therefore, a lifestyle can be used to forge a sense of self identity and to create cultural symbols for the way a person is. In business, “Lifestyle” provide a means of targeting consumers as advertisers and marketers endeavor to much consumer aspirations with products. Lifestyles refer to patterns in which people live, spend time and money.
Luxury Connection in an attempt to provide readers with latest information related to Style in all aspects of life, be it dress, jewellery, beauty, fitness, eating, home decor, automobiles gadgets...With an initial circulation of 40,000 copies each it will be available to the readers in Gurgaon & South Delhi every month.

Started in 2001, USEFUL NEWS OF THE WEEK has established itself as #1 neighbourhood weekly newspaper

of national capital region, catering to the evergrowing needs of residents and business community.

USEFUL NEWS OF THE WEEK is in broadsheet format printed on high quality glazed

newsprint and is distributed on the weekends along with main English Dailies.

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